• ONX + Amelia
    Yoga, Strength Training, …

    ONX + Amelia

    400 Selby Avenue, Saint Paul
    Safety guidelines

    Candlelight Restore

    Take the word restorative literal with this class. very restful and meditative. not for folks like me who will fall completely asleep (snoring included) if horizontal for more than 5 mins. lovely experience but come ready to take a stretchy nap.
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    ONX + Amelia is a yoga + fitness studio located in Cathedral Hill, in the heart of…
  • Pure Barre

    Pure Barre

    1045 Grand Ave, St. Paul

    Classic (50 Mins)

    There were some new exercises that I haven't seen in previous classes, which I liked a lot! I also enjoyed the music more than I have in the past. The instructor was very friendly and helpful to top it off
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    Pure Barre is a high-intensity, low-impact workout that delivers results. Their classes…
  • Defining You Pilates and Fitness
    Barre, Cycling, …

    Defining You Pilates and Fitness

    550 Vandalia St, Suite 310, Saint Paul
    Safety guidelines

    All Levels Mat Pilates

    Instructor was very informative and helpful with correct positioning and it was a fun class!
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    WHO WE ARE Your Place for Transformation Defining You Pilates & Fitness is your…
  • The Power House
    Strength Training, Stretching, …

    The Power House

    617 Snelling Ave S, Suite B, Saint Paul
    Safety guidelines


    The instructor is so welcoming and perfectly accomodating the beginner's level. i was almost throwing up if had I not lay down at the end 😂 greaaaat!!
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    The Power House is a community-focused gym in the vibrant Highland Park neighborhood…
  • Element Boxing and Fitness
    Boxing, Strength Training

    Element Boxing and Fitness

    655 Fairview Ave N, Saint Paul


    Ahhhhhh you can be effectively burnt 😂💦 Love the vibe, everyone busy hard working 💪
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    NOT just a gym, it’s a community. Our members find is an inclusive environment that…
  • Tula Yoga & Wellness

    Tula Yoga & Wellness

    99 Snelling Ave N, Saint Paul
    Safety guidelines


    The instructor led us through a rejuvenating sequence of poses, and I left feeling more relaxed and connected with my body than when I arrived.
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    Bring balance and vitality to your life by taking the time toreplenish and rejuvenate…
  • Bodyshop Fitness + Wellness
    Cycling, Strength Training, …

    Bodyshop Fitness + Wellness

    1428 Pacific Street, St. Paul


    Tanya and her class were super welcoming. It was my first cycle class and they all made sure I was as comfortable as possible. Loved the class! I had a good sweat and can barely sit, but had a wonderful time. My only complaint, not at the fault of Tanya, would be that if you are 5ft and under or have really short legs your pelvic area is going to hurt. The seat can’t go any lower so pedaling while sitting is uncomfortable but once you start getting up it’s fine.
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    Bodyshop is a small group studio committed to your fitness and wellness. They encourage…
  • Ballet Co.Laboratory
    Dance, Pilates

    Ballet Co.Laboratory

    276 E Lafayette Frontage Road, Saint Paul
    Safety guidelines

    Beginning Adult & Teen Ballet

    Very welcoming class. I’ve been a dancer but never did ballet. My first class ever. It was sort of easy to pick up but terms were foreign to me as well as combos. Still good though! I was sore the next day.
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    Their mission at Ballet Co.Laboratory is to create, develop and inspire artists and…
  • Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance

    Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance

    2161 University Avenue West Suite 208, Saint Paul

    Beginner Salsa

    Class was great. Instructor really went over steps in detail.
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    At Minneapolis Salsa Bachata Dance, they strive to provide you with a fulfilling…
  • Cinema Ballroom

    Cinema Ballroom

    1560 Saint Clair Avenue, Saint Paul
    Whether you are a beginner, engaged couple or want to compete in ballroom dance,…
  • United Jiu Jitsu
    Martial Arts, Low-impact Training

    United Jiu Jitsu

    2055 White Bear Ave Suite 100, Maplewood
    Safety guidelines

    Studio | Kickboxing Class

    Great coaches, not too many people were at the gym but the few that was there was cool yo work with. Nice environment wish there was music and some A.C but besides that no complaints.
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    United Jiu Jitsu specializes in teaching adults self-defense through Brazilian Jiu…
  • Aikido of Minnesota
    Martial Arts

    Aikido of Minnesota

    755 Prior Avenue North, Saint Paul
    Safety guidelines

    Women's Intro to Aikido

    Amazing class! I have a lot of martial arts experience but no Aikido specifically and it was a great level— it focused on fundamentals and understanding how the body works and flows. Very welcoming environment!
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    Aikido is often translated as "the way of harmony (or peace)." Aikido practice develops…
  • Keane Sense of Rhythm

    Keane Sense of Rhythm

    2161 University Avenue West, Saint Paul
    Safety guidelines
    If you’ve ever thought “I’ve always wanted to do that” or “I miss dancing,” you’ve…
  • Kilo Strength & Performance
    Strength Training

    Kilo Strength & Performance

    105 State Street, Saint Paul
    Kilo Strength & Performance was started because The Twin Cities needed something…
  • SoulTree Yogi

    SoulTree Yogi

    649 Smith Avenue South, Saint Paul
    Safety guidelines
    Yoga Sessions! A Small price for a BIG benefit! Here at SoulTree Yogi, they truly…
  • CorePower Yoga
    Yoga, Strength Training

    CorePower Yoga

    867 Grand Ave, Saint Paul

    CSX - CorePower Strength X (Glutes + Core)

    Really loved the louder music and energy she brought!
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    This studio offers Yoga, Hot Yoga, and Strength Training classes. It’s more than…
  • Body by Francy
    Meditation, Stretching

    Body by Francy

    688 Hague Avenue , Suite 32, Saint Paul
    Safety guidelines

    Reiki 60 Minutes

    Francy was super friendly and answered all of my questions
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    Body by Francy was founded with the belief that healing and feeling good is always…
  • Statera Fitness

    Statera Fitness

    1025 Selby Avenue, Saint Paul
    Safety guidelines

    FAST 45

    Lauren was great! I really enjoyed her energy and the supportive classmates. It was my first time taking a cycling class and it was the perfect class for it. Got a good sweat in!
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    45, 55, or 90 minutes of strategic interval training designed to improve speed, endurance…
  • 5 Minute Fitness Gym

    5 Minute Fitness Gym

    253 Front Ave, Saint Paul
    5 Minute Fitness Gym provides digital instruction with expert Coaches. Designed by…
  • Legacy Wing Chun
    Martial Arts

    Legacy Wing Chun

    2054 Marshall Avenue, Saint Paul
    At Legacy Wing Chun Kung Fu, they take pride in offering a comprehensive and authentic…

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