• Arleta On Track
    Strength Training, Boxing

    Arleta On Track

    The Factory, Catherine Wheel Road, London
    Safety guidelines

    Strength Club - Women Only

    Great session and intro to weights
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    AOT Women Strength Club is more than just training or exercise classes. It’s a place…
  • The Cabin
    Boxing, Yoga, …

    The Cabin

    75-77 White Hart Lane, London
    Safety guidelines

    Barre by Kylie

    Kylie is an AMAZING barre teacher. The best, and I’m not exaggerating. Honestly, she may be the best in all of London. I took her barre classes years ago, then moved into personal training with her for 1.5 years during covid, which was basically one-on-one barre classes + weight lifting. I had never been so toned as when I was working with her — my tiny butt grew 4x with muscle. I felt incredibly confident and the constant movement greatly improved my struggling mental health. Kylie has such a deep knowledge of the body and truly knows what she is doing. I’m incredibly excited that The Cabin is having her do these classes and my fingers are crossed that they do more than just one barre class a week!
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    The Cabin is a private members, personal training club in the heart of Little Chelsea…
  • Sertsari Private Training Studio
    Pilates, Strength Training, …

    Sertsari Private Training Studio

    13-17 Princes Road, Richmond
    Safety guidelines
    Sertsarı Private Training Studio (SPTS) was founded in 2017 as a private training…
  • Champions Kickboxing

    Champions Kickboxing

    Brentford Fountain Leisure centre, London
    Safety guidelines


    I liked the class but there was not a lot of instruction
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    Champions Kickboxing provides tailored services for your individual needs alongside…

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