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    STRIDE Fitness

    785 West Ash Street, San Diego
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    The CORE

    So cool! I never run but this made it fun :) even if I did trip like 6 times lol. Feels good to put it to the test. And idk how every class is but today’s (sun morn) the vibe was pretty chill amongst the class goers. “Some”(cause I do a lot of pilates) can feel so snooty & stuck up. Not here - at least not today. I’ll defo be back.
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  • Glide Training Co.
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    Glide Training Co.

    2056 1st Ave, Bankers Hill, San Diego
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    If you live in San Diego or are in town visiting, this studio is an absolutely must. It was just myself and another regular this morning, so basically a personal training session! Joshua and the team have a very holistic approach to fitness and are great at addressing injuries. Can't wait to come back next time I'm in town!
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    Glide Training Co. is a boutique studio in Bankers Hill, San Diego, owned and operated…