• Kinship Yoga
    Yoga, Stretching, …

    Kinship Yoga

    5612 N Figueroa St, Los Angeles
    Safety guidelines

    Kinship Hot

    Love this class, the instructor, the people at the front desk and the community. I was a couple minutes late but they were calm and kind. I found a spot and (after class ended) I thanked the person next to me for letting me squeeze in. She was so nice as well. The heat was perfect for such a full room. The sequence was challenging but not discouraging. I’ll definitely be back.
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    Kinship Yoga presents your home practice to support communities both far and near…
  • Amour Yoga & Pilates
    Dance, Yoga, …

    Amour Yoga & Pilates

    1101 West Valley Boulevard Ste 101, Alhambra
    Safety guidelines

    Stretch Yoga

    Instructor was super clear and made sure to go around and check on our form and make adjustments as needed! Very open to feedback and definitely got all of us working up a sweat! The space was easy to find, there’s a parking lot next to it, and overall it was clean and bright. I brought my own mat and some students borrowed the ones from the studio.
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    If you’re looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun…
  • iF Yoga in San Gabriel
    Yoga, Dance, …

    iF Yoga in San Gabriel

    1045 East Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel

    Ariel Yoga

    Thought I signed up for Aerial but it was Ashtanga. Chinese instruction course. Fast paced first part, got a sweat on. Instructor was very nice and professional. Love that she went around to assist and point out on poses.
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