• [solidcore]


    535 Arsenal Street, Watertown

    Full Body

    Matt is absolutely amazing! He’s so accommodating and clearly explains everything so even if you’re new (like me!) it’s not too difficult to follow along. He will also bop about the room and help you with your form and with the reformer. That being said, I do have a fair amount of experience in classes, so I didn’t feel too out of my element. But back to Matt… his energy is amazing and he makes you feel great even when your legs or your arms are jiggling like crazy!! Thanks again Matt! I’m so sore and happy today 😂
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    [solidcore] is a high-intensity, low-impact full-body workout on a pilates-inspired…
  • Down Under School of Yoga
    Yoga, Pilates, …

    Down Under School of Yoga

    306 Walnut Street, Newton

    Hot Power Flow - In Studio

    I've attended many yoga classes, Ben is one of the best instructors I've had. His instructions are so clear and helpful it helps you to get the right gesture and stretch all the right muscles!
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    Down Under offers yogis of all experience levels the expertise of some of the country…
  • Btone Fitness
    Pilates, Strength Training

    Btone Fitness

    708 Main St., Waltham
    Safety guidelines


    Brittany is amazing! I’m not familiar with Pilates forms, so it was difficult for me to follow the moves. She gave me some many detailed instructions to help me learn to use my muscles.
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    The method is simple, be as productive, in the fastest amount of time. Btone doesn…
  • Nova fitness Poli
    Strength Training, Personal Training, …

    Nova fitness Poli

    222 Arsenal Street, Watertown
    Safety guidelines

    Pilates , Functional & Circuit

    Poli is fantastic! I really enjoyed the session, which she made individualized and described as a combo of strength training and physiotherapy. She will push you but will do so warmly. Her playlist is awesome too. Would definitely go back!
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    Nova Fitness is a gym founded and directed by the personal Poli Moroni. They believe…
  • Shiva Shakti Yoga Center
    Yoga, Pilates

    Shiva Shakti Yoga Center

    8 Common Street, Waltham

    Pilates, Barefoot Sculpt - Props Included

    Every class with Gwen is magical! Stretching, strengthening, and uplifting!
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    Shiva Shakti -The destination for an Awakening and Safe Movement PracticeThe studio…
  • Boston Body Pilates
    Pilates, Barre

    Boston Body Pilates

    1387 Washington St, Newton
    Safety guidelines

    Reformer Fundamentals

    The instructor was friendly and extremely helpful. I have not used this type of reformer before. She went through how to set it up and use it properly. The class is great for first timers yet was still challenging enough for those who have done Pilates before.
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    Transforming bodies since 1989, Boston Body Pilates is a favorite among its students…

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