• Strong by Zumba with Fit_Nastics

    Strong by Zumba with Fit_Nastics

    Xixi, 41 W 36th St, xixi Studio B, New York

    STRONG by Zumba

    Alycia is a really nice instructor and this was a good workout. I liked her approach of making sure our form was on point and to remember to do the slow controlled movements - definitely feeling this workout sesh. Mind you I was not in the mood to work out today at all, but she really made this hour fly. Since this is a new offering there’s still a few things to iron out. The description did not specify a mat or towel would be required and the studio itself does not seem to have a good solution for this- dropping a star because this specific studio should work on getting mats and not weird blankets.
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    STRONG NATION (formerly known as STRONG by Zumba®) combines body weight, muscle conditioning…
  • SassClass
    Livestream dance, Low-credit livestreams, …


    41 W 36th St, New York

    Fierce Feminine Hip Hop (Virtual)

    My first hip hop class with sassclass was amazing!! Loved it just as much as heels. So much fun, support and high energy which has been so consistent among instructors and classes. My only wishlist items are: an easier way to view planned songs for choreo within the app, and more late class options to accommodate work. Aside from that these classes give me LIFE!
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    SassClass is a women's empowerment dance studio here to support you in unleashing…
    Low-credit livestreams, Dance


    Sub-Cellar420 5th Ave, New York


    Wow what an inspiring class and teacher! I was worried because I’ve never danced before and am pretty uncoordinated but I had so much fun, sweat a ton and felt really motivated! All levels are truly welcome, I’ll definitely be coming back!
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    The Vixen Workout is a dance fitness format that uses commercial choreography, killer…
  • Fuákata - Cuban Salsa NY

    Fuákata - Cuban Salsa NY

    25 West 31st St., Floor 2, New York

    Beginner Cuban Salsa and Rueda Level 1

    Great fun class! With great instruction. Very comfortable atmosphere
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    Fuákata was founded by Christopher Rogicki in October of 2007 to promote Cuban-style…
  • Zumba Kam

    Zumba Kam

    22 W 34th St, New York

    Adelante Studio - 25 W 31st St, 2nd Flr, NY, NY 10001

    I enjoyed the mix of music with Latin beats and hit songs! However the space was very cramped since there were soo many people. It made it difficult to see the teacher and follow along sometimes
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    Adelente is located on the 2nd floor.
  • Zumba Firecracker

    Zumba Firecracker

    25 W 31st St, New York

    Adelante Studio - 25 W 31st St, 2nd Flr, NY, NY 10001

    The class was energizing and it was the first time I attended. I got the vibe that it was a community where everyone knew each other and it was a fabulous, fun workout to make everyone enjoy Zumba. Unlike other studios Ive been to where they expect you to know the moves, they just wanted you to sweat and enjoy the cardio here and that was welcoming to have a judge free environment with people of all different sizes.
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    Zumba Kam is a dance party and full body workout!
  • Dance With Me USA

    Dance With Me USA

    37 West 37th Street, 2nd Floor, New York
    Dance With Me (DWM) is an internationally recognized dance company home to Maks and…
  • Choreography by Rae

    Choreography by Rae

    1026 6th Avenue, 3rd Floor, New York
    Choreography by Rae is passionate about helping all communities seeking to foster…

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