• St. Marks Yoga
    Yoga, Pilates, …

    St. Marks Yoga

    12 Saint Marks Place #2R, New York

    2pm class, studio 4R

    The instructor was great. I let him know upon arriving that I hadn’t done yoga in a while and he was very reassuring and not judgmental whatsoever. Overall, the space is beautiful and very spacious. There were times where I was a bit confused and had to look around the room to figure out what to do but overall the aesthetic was great along with the music. I will definitely be returning!!!
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    St. Marks Yoga is New York City’s largest yoga studio with a full schedule of all…
  • Tula Physical Therapy & Wellness
    Sports recovery, Pilates, …

    Tula Physical Therapy & Wellness

    99 University Place, 9th floor,, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Fit 3D Body Scan

    The scan process was very easy, staff was friendly and helpful, and I got my scan results in probably less than 10 minutes. If I want to do one of these again I will definitely go back!
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    Tula Physical Therapy & Wellness is a bright and open healing space that provides…
  • BeFit NYC
    Strength Training, Yoga, …

    BeFit NYC

    2726 Broadway, 2nd Floor Rear, New York
    Safety guidelines


    Small class (five people) spacious room with wooden floor and natural light. Front desk could be more helpful. No locker room or fancy equipments but it didn’t bother me. Two sets, three to four moves each set; repeat each set three times. Gets easier toward the end. Nice instructor.
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    We are now offering in-person classes! At this time, only fully vaccinated are permissible…
  • Unlimited Body NY
    Strength Training, Boxing, …

    Unlimited Body NY

    27-18 23rd Ave, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Unlimited Training Camp

    Instructor really knows his stuff and was able to adapt exercises to accommodate my recent injury. This particular class was low impact yet really tough, I love how they always switch it up.
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    Unlimited Body NY is not your ordinary fitness studio, so coming here with an opened…
  • North Sky Kung Fu
    Martial Arts

    North Sky Kung Fu

    115 West 28th Street, First Floor, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Sunday Self-Defense & Fighting

    Julie was super nice and welcoming! So were the other ppl in the class who were regulars. I was the only beginner but we still went over enough basics and techniques where I felt like both me and the regulars got something out of it. The structure was good. Slight warm up and then focus on form and technique, practicing them on partners. Will def come back!
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    North Sky Kung Fu teaches traditional Kung Fu and Tai Chi. Our focus is self-defense…
  • Tiger Strong NYC
    Martial Arts, Yoga, …

    Tiger Strong NYC

    1521 York Ave, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Adult Yoga

    Alla is fabulous! She is knowledgeable, creative and fun! Her teaching skills are impeccable and every class is unique. Can’t be more happier.
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    Tiger Strong NYC is a multi discipline studio offing Martial Arts, Dance, Self…
  • AuM Body & Soul - Yoga
    Martial Arts

    AuM Body & Soul - Yoga

    7000 John F. Kennedy Boulevard, West New York


    I have been coming to this studio for the past 10 years! Carlos is an incredible teacher. His classes are always in tune with the student’s group. Core values and teaching true to the practice - this is what you will gate. A jewel in in our beautiful neighborhood. Don’t miss it!
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    AuM is the primordial frequency or first and original vibration of the universe that…

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