• Kondi Fitness
    Rowing,Barre,Pilates,Strength Training,Cycling

    Kondi Fitness

    1462 W 8th Ave, Suite 100, Vancouver

    Kondi Cals South Granville

    FYI: This studio is pet-friendly. I was wondering why I started getting an allergic reaction in the middle of class. But didn’t realize until the end when I was wiping off my mat and saw dog hairs. Other than that, it was a good workout.
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    Kondi Fitness is Vancouver's premiere fitness studio for group classes. They offer…
  • Lagree West

    Lagree West

    2625 W 4th Ave, Vancouver
    Safety guidelines


    Erin is friendly but deadly. The springs we used is a lot heavier than with other instructors so I feel like my form was compromised in some of the positions. I’ll use less weight in the future.
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    Lagree West is a provider of the Lagree Fitness Method in Vancouver. The secret behind…

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