• Fierce Grace
    Yoga, Stretching, …

    Fierce Grace

    284 5th Avenue, New York
    Safety guidelines

    FIIT 60

    Wow, so so hot. 🥵 i didn’t enjoy it but it was good for me and i haven’t sweat like that… ever! Maybe go in the evening if you don’t want a beer red face all day. I would go back and try other classes though, nice studio and staff! #cpinsider #classpassinsider
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    Fierce Grace is a British hot yoga brand with two USA locations in NYC. The first…
  • Crunch Gym
    Gym Time, Cycling, …

    Crunch Gym

    222 E 34th St, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Team Ride by Swerve

    What is there not to love about a spin class with Jenna Arndt? It’s like showing up to a warehouse party and then realizing you got con’ed into a going to a workout. Good energy, good vibes, good music, and great sweat. Just don’t expect to leave looking cute, which is also true leaving a warehouse party I suppose
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    Crunch is a high end gym chain with 400+ locations nationwide. They specialize in…
  • Pilates Habitat
    Pilates, Stretching, …

    Pilates Habitat

    192 3rd Ave, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Pilates Machines Class

    Great classical class with lots of stretching. Real ones who understand classical pilates - small, slow movements while utilizing core and stabilizing pelvis - will enjoy this class. If you want someone to yell at you while burning out your glutes (and probably using the wrong muscles), I’d try somewhere like solidcore or BodyRok.
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    Pilates Habitat offers group Pilates machine classes and private Pilates and Gyrotonic…
  • Row House
    Rowing, Stretching

    Row House

    233 East 34th St, New York
    Safety guidelines

    Express Full Row

    Alicia is the best instructor and her classes have great energy. She makes the most of these express classes and if you haven’t taken with her yet, try, because you will fall in love with her personality too!
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    This is the perfect all in one workout that won't break your body down! Get cardio…
  • Thai Touch Therapy at 130 E 40th St (353 Lexington Ave) New York
    Massage, Stretching

    Thai Touch Therapy at 130 E 40th St (353 Lexington Ave) New York

    130 E 40th St , 353 Lexington Ave, New York

    Thai Combination 60 min

    Siri is a wonderful person and an excellent healer. She has an extremely comprehensive knowledge of all massage modalities, but I was most impressed by the Traditional Thai Massage. Without a doubt the most authentic Thai massage you will find in NYC.
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    At Thai Touch Therapy, every treatment is specifically designed to offer a unique…
  • Supreme Training NYC

    Supreme Training NYC

    480 2nd Ave, New York

    Boxing II

    Great classes are hard to come by! Ive been to a ton of boxing classes in NYC (Gotham, Shadowbox, Church St, etc) and this was definitely the most personal.
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    They are a New York City and Va based personal training company specializing in corrective…
  • B & B Aesthetics
    Facial, Massage, …

    B & B Aesthetics

    369 Lexington Avenue #12b, New York
    Manhattan Wellness Center and Medspa specializing in Body Sculpting & Toning, Skin…
  • Restore 353 Therapies
    Stretching, Pilates

    Restore 353 Therapies

    353 Lexington Avenue, New York
    Safety guidelines

    1:1 Stretching

    I recieved guided stretch and muscle release. Absolutely loved it! Being 1:1, the practitioner is able to tailor the service to your specific needs. I will recommend to friends and return soon.
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    At Restore353 their philosophy is simple; to bring together a team of highly skilled…
  • Racked Stretch

    Racked Stretch

    24 West 25th Street, Within Mile High Run Club, New York
    Safety guidelines

    20 Minute Essential Stretch

    Shanna was lovely and really knowledgeable, the stretches are really simple mostly geared for the people who are running on treadmills upstairs. I learned a few things but its not for me. Id rather have a massage that incorporated stretches like this if Im going to treat myself to something.
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    Stretching, Running, …


    51 E 34th St, #1A, New York
    Safety guidelines


    Coach came as me about 5-6 mins late. Not good but no biggie. Class is nonstop. No breaks whatsoever. GREAT sweat. They do alot of outdoor laps. We dis 4 today so bring a long sleeve shirt to easily slip into. There’s alot of cardio and jump squats, which I prefer. First 1/2 is mainly cardio drills: high knees, planks, outside laps around the block, bear crawls. Second 1/2 is a circuit we do two tomes followed by an outside lap. No breaks at all. No slowing down. Challenging class. Good for overall toning and to blast cals. Not good if you’re a model or dancer looking to sculpt and not bulk up. We dud extended plans that can bulk up the shoulders as well as burpees & jump squats that can bulk up the legs. Literally your agent’s nightmare. I’d still def return but modify the moves as I did today to avoid jump squats/a ton of big thigh muscle work.
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    At WRKNYC, we encompass a modern style of training the body and mind that’s suitable…