• BLOCK21 Fitness
    Strength Training

    BLOCK21 Fitness

    930 N Lincoln St, Denver
    Safety guidelines


    Kenny was amazing. I haven't been to Block 21 in a while and I'm so glad I came back today. He's an awesome instructor, plus funny and welcoming. I love this place and it's the most fun way to do cardio.
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    BLOCK21 Fitness offers cardio dance classes that combine hip-hop cardio and interval…
  • The FIIT Co
    Strength Training, Yoga, …

    The FIIT Co

    2110 Market St, Denver

    Pull FIIT

    Phenomenal class, I will be coming back (as soon as I catch my breath). Jeff was friendly, welcoming, and provided not only verbal corrections as needed but also personalized challenges no matter which station you were at. It is a true HIIT workout but Jeff was really great and made the impossible possible!
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    Full-Intensity Interval Training The FIIT Co. offers classes that are designed…
  • Artistic Body Development
    Pilates, Strength Training, …

    Artistic Body Development

    520 Cherokee St, Denver


    Incredible and unique. Work is no impact on a reformer with challenging repetitions to work rotations and flexibility across all the small muscles that don’t get used as much in typical workouts. It’s tough but not a cardio or heavy lifting type workout. Owners are amazing and there’s a community if very devoted and fun regulars. Do yourself a favor and just go!
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    Artistic Body Development is the home of Myopatterning,™ a Pilates-based system designed…
  • Project 13 Gyms
    Strength Training

    Project 13 Gyms

    1135 Broadway, Denver

    P13 Upper Strength

    You can go at your own pace, or have a modification if needed. Thomas is watching your form to make sure you're not hurting yourself. This was a great class. Definitely left feeling accomplished.
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    Project 13 provides hour long small group training sessions with coaches who get…
  • Rock Fitness Powered by Inward Fitness
    Strength Training

    Rock Fitness Powered by Inward Fitness

    1601 19th Street Suite 300, Denver
    They promise to deliver exceptional results-based and innovative health and fitness…
  • Summit Strong
    Strength Training

    Summit Strong

    800 Lincoln Street, Denver


    The instructor was friendly & walked me through each move very well. I was the only person in class so it was like a personal training session which was nice. The gym had a lot of good equipment that I could see though for this class we used mainly ropes & kettlebells. My critiques would be that the class started 10 mins late & CP listing it as an hour was misleading, it was only a 30 min conditioning session. Overall would recommend but I think start time & class length should be updated to be more accurate.
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    Vital offers strength training, group training, personal training, high intensity…
  • November Project
    Strength Training

    November Project

    101 14th Ave, Denver

    November Project Denver

    I love everything about the vision of November project. My only criticism is that I wish they would meet in the evening for those of us who struggle with mornings lol. This is not a Fitness studio but more of a fitness club that aims to make working out free, inclusive and a welcoming community. Very important, you must check on Instagram or Facebook to find out what location they are meeting at. #classpassinsider
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    November Project is a free workout group open to all abilities. November Project…
  • For Them Gainz Fitness, LLC
    Strength Training

    For Them Gainz Fitness, LLC

    1125 17th St Ste B, Denver
    For Them Gainz Fitness, LLC was established in 2014 and they have grown substantially…
  • Cole Fusion Fitness
    Strength Training

    Cole Fusion Fitness

    1100 Bannock St, Denver
    Safety guidelines

    Body Rock

    BEET WORKOUT EVER!!! Not for the faint hearted but Ive never felt better after a work out nor have I felt like a work out was so effective. It was high energy, fast paced with a variety of different exercises I was introduced to that I had never done before. I felt this in every part my body and will definitely be back. HIGHLY RECOMMEND if youre looking for an intense work out to get you in shape!
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    Cole Fusion Fitness workouts are entirely comprehensive and designed to provide unparalleled…