• The Alchemy Yoga LLC
    Meditation, Yoga

    The Alchemy Yoga LLC

    8877 Wade Boulevard, Frisco
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    Restorative Yin

    Ayako has such a great space for meditative yoga. I’m so glad this studio is in Frisco. She and her staff are knowledgable in creating a deep meditation to help relax and destress while helping us deepen into positions individually with attentiveness. The sound healing class was such a treat, and I left feeling like I was on a cloud.
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    TRANSFORMATION LIVES HERE. Our studio offers hot room yoga and a designated meditation…
  • Ignyte Yoga
    Yoga, Strength Training, …

    Ignyte Yoga

    12021 Dallas Parkway #300, Frisco


    April is a gem of a yoga instructor. I have only had her as a guide for power Vinyasa style classes but I would take any class she is leading. You can expect to exert yourself through a creative Vinyasa flow with an emphasis on breath, listening to your body and modifying as needed. I’m quite enjoying this studio too! I drive about 30 minutes to get here, and I never regret it.
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    HOME GROWN YOGA Ignyte Yoga is a family-owned, family-run yoga practice that embraces…
  • Horizon Hot Yoga
    Yoga, Meditation

    Horizon Hot Yoga

    7151 Preston Rd, Suite 221B, Frisco

    Ashtanga (Primary series)

    First traditional Ashtanga class and I really enjoyed it! Simple studio, friendly instructor, all levels of yogis in the class. If you’re new to Ashtanga like me, each class is structured with the same flow of poses; in this case the ‘primary series’. If you search ‘ashtanga primary series’ you will see charts of all the poses you’ll do in the class. The instructor will guide you through the series in a warm room without music. It may sound dull or repetitive but I find this to be a good challenge as I’m focused solely on the poses and breath.
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    Horizon Hot Yoga is a two room yoga studio providing a variety of yoga class styles…

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