• The Iron Pineapple
    Livestream HIIT, Low-credit livestreams, …

    The Iron Pineapple

    1281 Ninth Avenue, San Diego

    Upper Body Push - Livestream

    Exactly what I needed - an arm burnout. Solid workout. Recommend having bands and / or dumbbells. Was a bit confused on the warmup but other than that was great.
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    Iron Pineapple Fitness was created in 2014 after her workout buddy kept calling…
  • Vai Fitness
    Low-credit livestreams, Pilates, …

    Vai Fitness

    1460 Seventh Ave, San Diego

    Pilates Circuit

    Amazing! Silvia, the studio owner, greeted me warmly and showed me all around the studio. The class was a very intense Pilates circuit using the reformer and springboard. Silvia had great energy and was attentive to each client. I met Jana, who is also an instructor there and she was lovely. Great workout, I’ll be sore tomorrow AND I’m so happy to find Vai Fitness.
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    Vai Fitness is a unique approach to exercise with workouts that are customized to…
  • Bear Republic CrossFit
    Strength Training

    Bear Republic CrossFit

    840 G St, San Diego


    Outstanding! Steph was like my own personal cheerleader. It seemed like such a simple workout, but my HR was at a peak high for like 3hrs after, lol. She kicked my butt!
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    Bear Republic Crossfit is a total fitness gym. They strive to help you meet your…
  • Balanced Fitness and Health
    Yoga, Strength Training

    Balanced Fitness and Health

    1130 7th Ave, San Diego

    Kickboxing Bootcamp

    There was a substitute for the class, Ruben, who led a very engaging and difficult class. It was my first boxing class; Ruben helped me attempt to get the moves correct and kept me motivated. I would highly recommend a course with Ruben.
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    Balanced Fitness and Health is a full-service, boutique gym with state of the art…
  • EMS 20
    Strength Training

    EMS 20

    1453 4th Ave, San Diego


    I did a ~20 minute EMS session with Chris! Upon arriving I changed into a spandex outfit, was hooked up to an EMS machine, and went through a series of exercises guided by the EMS machine and Chris. I consider myself to be in pretty good shape (I workout 5 times a week and do strength training + yoga) but the exercises are definitely beginner friendly. I didn’t feel much immediately after the class, but 24 hours later I am SORE. My quads, arms, and abs definitely feel like I did a much more strenuous workout than I did. Crazy that the EMS was able to achieve that effect!
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    EMS 20 uses an innovative technology called Electronic Muscular Stimulation, a method…

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