• Rival Fitness
    Rowing, Strength Training, …

    Rival Fitness

    510 E Pine St, Seattle
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    Great format. Good use of time. Instructor kept everything moving really well. I like this gym - the clientele seem really fit and energetic, which is inspiring to be around. Ive shown up at quite a few boot camp classes that are filled with beginners (good for them), but its great to be surrounded by some #fitspo
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    Rival’s diverse class lineup includes a variety of high-intensity and endurance-based…
  • Row House

    Row House

    419 Fairview Avenue North, Seattle
    Safety guidelines


    I thought this was a great workout. We alternated about 5-7 min of rowing with 3-5 min of floor weight work. I was worried I would get bored with just rowing, but these intervals kept it fresh. Most of class is based on strokes per minute, not overall meters or split time so you can decide how hard to push. The instructor did have us do 1 interval set that was focused on getting the split time down to low 2:00, so I was pretty winded after that one.
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    Maximize Results, Minimize Time. A low-impact workout designed to build muscle, torch…