• Artistic Body Development
    Pilates, Strength Training, …

    Artistic Body Development

    520 Cherokee St, Denver


    I'm a newbie to this class but I love it! Merry gives great cues and adjustments and everyone in the class seems happy to be there. It feels a lot like PT with some strength training and it's great for working out those smaller muscles that often get forgotten about.
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    Artistic Body Development is the home of Myopatterning,™ a Pilates-based system designed…
  • Lagree Luxe

    Lagree Luxe

    1255A Delaware St, Denver
    Safety guidelines

    Lagree Class

    Loved the class and instructor- the teacher was really attentive and the class included a unique combination of Pilates, yoga and functional strength training. I highly recommend buying your “grippy socks” beforehand- they charge you $18.50 for one pair when you can get 4 pairs for $9 on amazon!
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    Lagree Luxe is Denver’s best full-body workout in the least amount of time. Think…