• Sonic Yoga

    Sonic Yoga

    944 8th Ave, New York

    Flow 2

    Nice lunchtime flow. Some challenging moves but also not super quick paced. Other reviews mentioned heat—teacher said it was 77 degrees and personally I didn’t find it too hot, I did not break a sweat (which is ideal when I have to go back to work) but also my muscles felt worked and good stretch. Nice music. Tight busy space before and after class so come already in your workout clothes if possible and get ready to wait if you gotta change after
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    Sonic Yoga is a locally-owned yoga studio offering a friendly atmosphere in a creative…
  • exhale
    Yoga, Barre


    150 Central Park S, New York

    Exhale Barre

    Alex is one of the best. He remembers names of his regulars; is attentive during class, constantly correcting form; wastes no time during class (ie quick transitions / no annoying downtime or drawn out stretching = more work done in the hour); always gives us a ton of movement variety (we did 5 different thigh positions and 3 sets of glutes, 2 standing / 1 floor); provides a longer weighted arm series than other instructors; multiple + innovative core sets using the barre, band + ball, and most importantly, challenges the muscles + definitely makes sure that we get a burn! I will say though that I was disgusted at how filthy the studio was today - hair all over the floor and clinging to my barre socks. But class was awesome.
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    Situated on Central Park South just across from Manhattan’s renowned Central Park…
    Yoga, Pilates, …


    37 West 65th Street 3rd Floor, New York

    BDC Fit: Pilates Mat

    Great especially for beginners! I’ve been doing classical may pretty regularly for about six months but jumped into a class doesn’t really deconstruct each exercise as you go. I know the classical sequence now, but this class was a great opportunity for thinking about the smaller range of exercises that Julia focused on, and learning the transitions that I usually fumble through in my regular class.
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    BDC FIT at Broadway Dance Center (West 65th Street Location) is thrilled to be adding…
  • The Yoga Trail

    The Yoga Trail

    2 W 69th St, New York

    Hatha Yoga

    I’m giving 5 stars because I love the idea of outdoor yoga in the park and want these folks to continue and thrive, but I do have some suggestions for improving the class. First, the teacher should have a sign or some kind of marker to help people locate the class amid the hundreds of people milling around the meeting place. And the class should remain at the meeting place until 5 min before class, rather than walking off at 15 min before class to a remote part of Sheep’s Meadow. I arrived 12 min prior to class and couldn’t find anyone until class actually started and I saw a distant group in downward dog. During class, the teacher was hard to hear and seemed self-conscious about raising her voice over the sounds of the park. During transitions, it would be helpful if the teacher announced the names of the poses first, so experienced yogis can keep to a smooth flow, rather than going into detailed positioning for each limb for beginners and only later stating “warrior 2”.
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    *This an outdoor yoga class that meets from April to October. Please check back in…

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