• Ritual Hot Yoga
    Livestream yoga, Yoga

    Ritual Hot Yoga

    750 N Franklin St, #205, Chicago

    Ritual Hot Yoga

    Hot yoga & hip hop? An all-inclusive studio so I don’t have to worry about lugging a mat, towels and water with me? I’m SOLD! The class is definitely more advanced/challenging so I wouldn’t recommend for beginners, but I loved it! Can’t wait to come back!
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    Ritual Hot Yoga is NOT your typical yoga studio, offering students the most luxurious…
  • CocoonCare - Pre&Post-Natal Fitness and Yoga
    Prenatal, Postnatal, …

    CocoonCare - Pre&Post-Natal Fitness and Yoga

    770 N. LaSalle Street, Suite 401, Chicago

    *ONLINE* Prenatal Yoga

    Really nice. This was my first prenatal yoga class. I had been doing yoga for years up until I got pregnant but took my first trimester off so it was so nice to be back on the mat. 5 ppl in the class so we got lots of individual instruction and adjustment which I always appreciate.
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    Chicago's original fitness and wellness center specifically catered to women in their…
  • CorePower Yoga

    CorePower Yoga

    310 W Superior St, Chicago

    YS – Yoga Sculpt

    Sarah May be my new favorite teacher all around, incredibly motivating and challenging. Pays close attention to form and wants to make sure we are safely getting stronger. Hope my work schedule continues to allow me to make this 10:15am class!
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    Please show up at least 10 minutes prior to class. Most CorePower Yoga studios will…
  • Row House
    Yoga, Cycling, …

    Row House

    1226 North Wells Street, Chicago


    Very nice studio. Loved the workout. Jess was great with clear instructions. Liked the mix on and off rower. After class helped with questions and form. Will definitely be back
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    Maximize Results, Minimize Time. A low-impact workout designed to build muscle, torch…
  • Wells Street Fitness
    Yoga, Strength Training, …

    Wells Street Fitness

    1219 N Wells St, Chicago


    Great instructor and great workout as always. It was one on one instruction as it was 8am on a Saturday- early bird gets the BURN! I thought it was nice that she did the workout with me so I wouldnt have to do solo :) Very motivating.
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    Well Street Fitness take you through hour-long fitness classes that are designed…
  • Club33
    Yoga, Pilates, …


    1319 North Larrabee Street, Chicago

    33 Back & Abs

    Awesome workout as expected at Club33. They push you and the smaller class size allows them to help you focus on form and activating the correct muscles. Lance has great energy too, I think he was a DJ in a past life :)
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    Club33 is a local boutique small group training studio that offers efficient and…
  • Sunny Biggy Fitness

    Sunny Biggy Fitness

    Leblon Fitness Club, 415 West Huron Street, #5a, Chicago

    Group Fitness Bootcamp

    This class did not even happen. I rescheduled my full day and was excited for this class. Ultimately I could not even cancel my class or rebook another one as a replacement class. Extremely unprofessional, and according to the lady at the reception - it was not even the first time that this happened (already the same thing had happened earlier this week) and there was no warning for the participating class ahead of time.
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    Sunny Biggy Fitness goal is to inspire and assist as many people as they can to take…

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