Pilates, Outdoors, …


    771 Thomas Street, Seattle
    Safety guidelines

    Lower Body

    One class has me hooked! The vibe of this studio is soooo very welcoming compared to most Seattle studios. I instantly felt like family and like I’d been going there for years. The workout was also so challenging and rewarding - as in: i already feel sore. Jillian is amazing. Will definitely be back!
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    MOOV is a Reformer Pilates studio, which offers several different class formats.…
  • Barry's
    Running, Strength Training


    112 Westlake Ave N, Seattle
    Safety guidelines

    Full Body - Upper Focus (50 Minutes)

    This class was incredibly challenging, like a little ridiculous, but an excellent workout. Hannah is wonderful, and super motivational- I almost gave up a couple times during class but didn’t because of her coaching and encouragement. <3
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    Barry’s is the original high-energy, calorie-scorching, cardio and strength interval…
  • Industrious
    Strength Training


    231 Dexter Avenue North, Seattle
    Safety guidelines

    Industrious 50

    Bret is very friendly and kind and did give a quick overview of the movements. However this class is best suited for experienced athletes. This gym posts all the workouts on their Instagram, so check that out in advance to see if you’d be comfortable. I’ve been doing clean/snatches for a decade but still had to hustle to keep up with the sequence of 3 reps every minute and adding weight each round (for 10 min). Need to load the bar and set up super quickly!!
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    **PLEASE FILL OUT OUR WAIVER PRIOR TO YOUR CLASS --- https://www.waiverking.com…
  • Flow Fitness
    Strength Training, Yoga, …

    Flow Fitness

    311 Terry Ave N, Seattle
    Safety guidelines

    FF Cycle (with leaderboard)

    I really like this Saturday morning class. Lucy gives a lot of personal attention and a good variety of sitting/standing on the bike. Also love that the machines have the speed/rpm indicators
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    We are currently offering a limited schedule and all sessions are limited to 5 or…
  • Rowdybox
    Boxing, Strength Training


    1919 4th Avenue, Seattle
    Safety guidelines


    Amazing class, very clear instruction, energy is always bomb. This class wasn’t as loud as normal which I soooo appreciate. One tip for the studio would be to provide earplugs because previous classes have been too loud and triggered the alert on my Apple Watch for dangerous decibel levels. Love RowdyBox!
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    The intersection of fight club and nightclub. 50% boxing on water bags, 50% strength…
  • Breathe Hot Yoga
    Yoga, Pilates, …

    Breathe Hot Yoga

    2720 4th Ave Suite 115, Seattle
    Safety guidelines

    Hot Pilates

    It was my first time in this studio and I really enjoyed it! The class was comfortably heated, lots of space at the noon class, and the weights were comfortable. Sometimes I want a workout that’s in a dark room with crazy lights and loud music. Sometimes I want a workout with natural sunlight and moderate music. This class totally fits the second need. It’s pleasant, but still a tough workout. The instructor gave good form tips and it was easy to follow along. I’ll definitely return! I’m glad it’s on ClassPass so I can add it to my rotation of studios.
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    Yes, it's true. They’re back in their studios and super excited to get back on the…
  • Ironstone Performance
    Strength Training

    Ironstone Performance

    1511 3rd Avenue, Seattle
    If you’re looking for a studio with classes that are as challenging as they are fun…