Mountain Pose

What is Mountain Pose?

Mountain Pose is the foundation for all standing yoga postures and full inversions, like handstand or headstand. This position acts as the prologue to your practice and several positions throughout your practice. Don’t think about the posture as a moment to zone out -- use the time to look over your body, feel for any aches or pains and prepare for whatever you flow into next.

How do you do Mountain Pose?

  • Step 1

    Stand tall and press into all four corners of your feet, keeping them parallel and hip-width apart. Feel the strength of your thighs immediately engaging your lower belly. Lengthen your arms alongside the body, your shoulders drawn back towards your spine and your palms turned forward. Focus on your spine, elongating from the base of your heels to the crown of your head.

How do you modify Mountain Pose?

  • Advanced Mountain Pose

  • Mountain Pose for Weak Knees

What are the benefits of Mountain Pose?

  • Full Body Stretch

  • Relaxation

  • Leg Strength

Expert opinion

Mountain Pose is a centering pose to begin from and close out the circle of your sequence.

It is the foundation of all standing postures, the blueprint pose from which most poses begin.

Lauren Cohen,The Pad Studios in San Francisco

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