Inner Leg Lift

What is an Inner Leg Lift?

The inner leg lift is an exercise that strengthens the inner thighs by moving the leg toward the midline of the body. This common Pilates and barre exercise primarily strengthens the glutes and legs, but it also requires core engagement.

How do you do an Inner Leg Lift?

  • Step 1

    Lie on your left side, bringing your left arm down to prop up your head with your hand. Rest your right arm in front of your body. Place your right leg over the left so that your right knee is facing the ceiling.

  • Step 2

    Keeping your left leg straight, flex your left foot and lift the leg up for tiny pulses. Do 20 reps, then repeat on the other side.

How do you modify an Inner Leg Lift?

  • Inner Leg Lift for Beginners

What are the benefits of an Inner Leg Lift?

  • Core Strength

  • Glute Strength

  • Leg Strength

Expert opinion

Remember to keep your torso steady and let the work come from the inner thigh.

You can also repeat this with tiny circles.

Aryan Rashed,Jet Set Pilates in Miami

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