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Corporate wellness testimonials

Companies of all types and sizes are using ClassPass. Find out how these companies use ClassPass to deliver unique corporate wellness experiences from virtual classes to team building activities.
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Engage employees at home

Over 700 Medtronic employees joined our virtual workout event during COVID-19.

"Our employees were searching for alternatives to their regular workouts as local health clubs were closed. Sweat from Home gave them an opportunity to connect with co-workers while doing something great for the body and mind. The instructions were top notch and the classes were accessible to employees of all fitness levels.”

- Gen Barron, Senior Manager Global Wellness, Medtronic
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Host a corporate wellness event

Groupon + ClassPass Corporate partnered together for a “Fitness Friday” series in 2020, bringing bi-weekly virtual classes to Groupon’s global employee base.

“ClassPass has been a great option for virtual private classes while our employees are all remote. The instructors have been top-notch, the ClassPass team has made the coordination simple and our employees have enjoyed getting to sweat together virtually. We look forward to continuing our classes with ClassPass throughout 2021.”

- Dana Linney, Benefits Manager, Groupon

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