Yogarise - Peckham

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Yogarise and were last updated on 8/25/20.

Temperature checks

All attendees and staff members will be checked as they enter the studio

Social distancing measures

Larger studio spaces (knocked through rooms).2m social distancing from centre of mat inside studio space.Well ventilated with windows open + fans on.A one-way system in / out of the studio to ensure social distancing and good flow of people.

Extra sanitation

Strict hygiene procedures.Newly installed sinks on reception and sanitiser stations for optimum hand hygiene.PLEASE NOTE: Students are required to bring their own mat or purchase one from reception, we do not provide mats to borrow or hire.

Mask-wearing policies

Masks are mandatory for reception staff and for customers up until they are on their mat ready for practising class. Masks may be removed for the session, the replaced before exiting the studio.PLEASE NOTE: Students are required to BRING THEIR OWN MAT or purchase one from reception.

Sat, Jan 23
There are no upcoming classes on this day


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