k i c k | b o x at wear|haus chi

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by wear|haus chi and were last updated on 10/26/21.

Vaccination policies

proof of vaccination is required to take class in the haus. email vaccination cards to wearhauschi@gmail.com or bring in person to class.

Mask-wearing policies

masks or shields must be worn throughout your entire wear|haus experience

Social distancing measures

social distancing is required in the studio

Extra sanitation

High touched surfaces and floors will be deep cleaned between classes

Thu, Oct 28
Today, Oct 28
60 min

Chloe -
Saturday, October 30
50 min

Kels -
Sunday, October 31
45 min

Jess + Kels
Thursday, November 4
60 min

Chloe -
Saturday, November 6
50 min

Kels -
Sunday, November 7
45 min

Jess + Kels

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