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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by VERAYOGA and were last updated on 8/3/20.

Social distancing measures

Our ROOFTOP series classes are hosted outdoors with each individual yoga platform spaced 6+ feet away from each other providing closer to 8-10 feet of outdoor distance between practitioners.

Mask-wearing policies

Masks are required for entry to our ROOFTOP and whilst moving around our outdoor area. Once you are on your individual socially distanced yoga platform you may remove your mask for your practice if you prefer. Masks must then be used again to exit the area. Staff wear masks whilst moving about.

Contactless check-in

Please arrive in the 15 minute window before class to avoid any congregation or crossover with any students exiting the class prior. Time between classes has been extended to aid social distancing effectively.

Limited capacity

Our maximum class size is 19 people outdoors.

Thu, Apr 15
There are no classes Today, Apr 15.
Saturday, April 17
60 min

Britton Schey
Monday, April 19
60 min

Alyssa Magsano
Saturday, April 24
60 min

Britton Schey
Monday, April 26
60 min

Alyssa Magsano


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