YogaCross at The River Yoga

This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by The River Yoga and were last updated on 10/6/20.

Temperature checks

Your temperature will be taken when you check in for class by The River's friendly staff. All River staff and instructors are also doing daily temperature checks.

Social distancing measures

Stay safe create some space! For in-studio classes markers have been placed on the floors of the yoga rooms to indicate where to place your mat. For outdoor classes please maintain six feet of space (about the length of your yoga mat) between you and other yogis.

Mask-wearing policies

Per the Colorado mask mandate, "Mask-wearing requirements apply to everyone indoors, including people exercising. If you are in an indoor room with other patrons who are not a part of your household, then you need to wear a mask." Please wear a mask while at the studio. Mask may be removed outdoors.

Tue, May 11
There are no upcoming “YogaCross” classes on this day.


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