Cycling at The Lodge Des Peres

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by The Lodge Des Peres and were last updated on 12/19/22.

Extra sanitation

When you arrive you will grab a cleaning towel along with a Sanitizer Spray Bottle. You will use them to clean the equipment before and after class. Employees will clean the equipment periodically throughout the day.

Limited capacity

We have decreased our maximum capacity of our classes to 12 to allow for ample social distancing.

Contactless check-in

Simply inform the front desk you are here to take the specific group exercise class and they will check you in. We are no longer using our laminated group exercise cards as your ticket into the class.

Equipment policies

We will provide all equipment necessary to take our classes. Please feel free to bring your own mat, exercise band etc. if it makes you more comfortable.

Tue, Dec 5
There are no upcoming “Cycling” reservations on this day.

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