Heavybag at Spallys Dutchstyle Kickboxing

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Spallys Dutchstyle Kickboxing and were last updated on 11/9/22.

Ventilation system

Our ventilation system is fully equipped to pull in enough m3 fresh air during the classes (over capacity)

Extra sanitation

All equipment and gear will be cleaned between classes and during classes. Cleaning spray is available at all times. Only usage of paper towels and there is hand disinfection available at the reception.

Equipment policies

For safety please take off jewelry before attending classes. Gear rentals are not offered, members must bring their own. Gear is also for sale at the reception. Drinks are for sale at the reception or you can bring your own.**No socks during training, as we train on bare feet**

Wed, Feb 8
50 min

Jerome Trappenberg
50 min

Appie Kamili
50 min

Michel Olensky

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