M3 Megaformer Class at SeaFit Huntington Beach

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by SeaFit Huntington Beach and were last updated on 9/6/21.

Extra sanitation

You will be provided with disinfecting wipes to thoroughly wipe down your machine after your class. If you would like to wipe your machine down before you start, please ask us for additional wipes. Hand sanitizer is located throughout the studio. Additional professional cleaning has been added.

Limited capacity

Maximum class size is 8 customers.

Contactless check-in

A paper waiver will be required on your first visit back to the studio. We will ask for your name at the front desk on each visit and will check you in verbally, no touch sign-in required.

Limited amenity access

Sale of all bottled water and sport drinks has been suspended. Please limit the items you bring with you to the studio and only bring the necessities. A personal water bottle is recommended (FloWater is available) and grip socks are required.

Thu, Mar 30
45 min

45 min

45 min


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