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821 N Bethlehem Pike, Spring House, PA, 19002
Spring House

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In this 60-minute class, RISE Barre combines elements of pilates, yoga, ballet, and strength training for the ultimate full body workout. Classes are designed to target your core, arms, thighs, and glutes by focusing on small isometric movements with high repetition, followed by stretching to create a toned, fit, and lean body. Prepare to sweat, shake, and have fun!! (All levels welcome)

About this studio

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RISE Barre & Fitness

RISE is a barre and fitness studio in Lower Gwynedd, PA, that offers low impact, high intensity barre classes set to upbeat music in a total body workout format that anyone can…read more

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RISE Barre with Jill
Packed class, such good energy!
RISE Barre with Kristin
Kristin is awesome! Love her classes
RISE Barre with Natalie
Great class, intimate environment. Make sure you are aware of Barre terminology and comfortable learning by watching because the pace is quick.
RISE Barre with Claudine
Friendly environment. You will find muscles you forgot about.
RISE Barre with Mallory
Mallory is amazing. as is standard in any classes THEY KNOW YOUR NAME! The added personalization is extra motivating
RISE Barre with Kristin
Kristin is awesome! She brought so much energy to our Monday night class. Loved it!
RISE Barre with Jill
Instructor didn’t do any corrections on anyone which I thought was kind of weird. Class also went over by ten minutes.
RISE Barre with Corey
class was super packed as it is the new years but Corey rocked it and made modifications for the space limitations
RISE Barre with Mallory
fantastic. I'll be feeling this one for a few days
RISE Barre with Mallory
Great workout! Just wish the ab series was a bit longer
RISE Barre with Jodi
Jodi made class fun and engaging. Great class and will definitely be going back even at 5:45am!!!
RISE Barre with Kristin
I always enjoy the barre classes. I always end up being sore in different areas the next day!
RISE Barre with Jill
This class was great we worked every muscle group.
RISE Barre with Meg
Awesome class!!
RISE Barre with Natalie
Great class!
RISE Barre with Mallory
Hardest barre class Ive ever taken. Mallory is an amazing teacher! Love her energy and encouragement!!
RISE Barre with Julie
Julie was awesome! Super encouraging while also making corrections to ensure you were using the right technique!
RISE Barre with Julie
Amazing class!!!
RISE Barre with Jill
A lot of fun! Great instructor. Jill was very friendly and helpful. Great workout overall.
RISE Barre with Julie
Julie is super sweet and encouraging. I dont know how she has so much energy at 5:45am! She always has good playlists too!
RISE Barre with Kristin
Good class!
RISE Barre with Simona
Friendly folks and an intense workout! Legs shakin, arms quakin!
RISE Barre with Julia
Great class
RISE Barre with Kristin
Great workout and great playlist!
RISE Barre with Faith
Love this class and instructor! Faith Twersky is inspiring and supportive. Her class is challenging with very upbeat music. A full body workout. Faith provided modifications to accommodate all levels. I'll be back!