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Reviews for Heated Vinyasa at Revival Yoga Wellness Studio

7209 W College Dr, Palos Heights, IL, 60463
Palos Heights

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Vinyasa style practice emphasizes a continuous flow of movement using sun salutations, dynamic breathing and long holdings. Each part of the body (inside and out) is explored and worked in a deep and mindful way. This practice builds strength, tones and detoxifies. Vinyasa is a fun and creative practice requiring focus and dedication. This class moves at a quick pace; therefore, some Yoga experience is helpful prior to starting this class. Offered at all levels.

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Revival is a space that caters to the needs of people of all ages. All levels of experience belong here!

208 ratings for Heated Vinyasa

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Heated Vinyasa with Heather
Heather’s class was awesome!
Heated Vinyasa with Caley
First time at revival and I loved it!
Heated Vinyasa with Kathleen
The class content and instructor was very good, however the class was not heated. I was very disappointed.
Heated Vinyasa with Adrean
Best teacher there!
Heated Vinyasa with Nicole
Decent workout but the class felt choppy, serious, and low energy. A lot of lunging and my neck was sore by the end. Cues weren’t very clear and not everyone has the Sanskrit terms memorized, so that was frustrating to have to keep looking around (it was busy so the instructor wasn’t doing it with us). Shavasana seemed rushed and very short, probably because the last part of class was against the wall and felt very unorganized. There was a lack of flow.
Heated Vinyasa with Nicole
Instructor and facility was great but class wasn’t heated, unfortunately!
Heated Vinyasa with Liz
Amazing experience
Heated Vinyasa with Leslie
Great class! Leslie really made you feel confident in her class and even if youre unsure of the moves, the class is for you which is what she preaches and it makes you feel very comfortable to go at your own flow!
Heated Vinyasa with Liz
great session, poses and pacing were just right for intermediate yogis! Liz has a good rhythm that translates into the flow of this class. not too hot, but sweated enough to feel a real workout this morning
Heated Vinyasa with Jennifer
It was harder than I anticipated but I would absolutely go again
Heated Vinyasa with Liz
I absolutely loved Lizs class. I love how she focused on the mind body connection throughout her class!
Heated Vinyasa with Jennifer
Probably the best flow I've attended at Revival. Super challenging, the teacher was great!
Heated Vinyasa with Adrean
Heated Vinyasa with Kathleen
Challenging but great! Loved Kitty the instructor!
Heated Vinyasa with Nicole
Nicole is a wonderful teacher. She is incredibly welcoming to all ability levels and offers wonderfully cueing to help improve postures. Shes also very personable and makes an effort to get to know her yogis. There was a very vibrant community at this studio. I wish I wasnt just visiting for the holidays.