RY Sculpt at Reach Yoga

This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Reach Yoga and were last updated on 2/4/21.

Temperature checks

All attendees will have their temperature checked at check in

Social distancing measures

Mats are socially distanced

Ventilation system

We have a hydroxyl generator which is a special air filtration system that sanitizes the air molecules in the studio

Mask-wearing policies

Masks required in the lobby, you can take them off when you're on your mat to practice.

Wed, Apr 14
There are no classes Today, Apr 14.
Tomorrow, Apr 15
60 min

Shelley Dodgen
60 min

Matt Eger
Friday, April 16
60 min

Anna Hinze
60 min

Kim Heinz
Saturday, April 17
60 min

Stephanie Garibay
Sunday, April 18
60 min

Britt Thomas
60 min

Matt Eger
Monday, April 19
60 min

Lauren Autenrieth
60 min

Berenize Haro
Tuesday, April 20
60 min

Shelley Dodgen
60 min

Michelle Zurlo
Wednesday, April 21
60 min

Alena Snedeker


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