Hot Yoga 90 at PURE Yoga Texas

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by PURE Yoga Texas and were last updated on 12/13/22.

Vaccination policies

Vaccination is not required to attend class, but we encourage that you wear a mask in our lobby and common areas. A mask is NOT required to be worn when you are on your yoga mat.

Mask-wearing policies

Mask wearing is optional throughout the studios and is recommended. A mask is NOT required when taking class (on your mat). If you feel symptoms of illness, please stay home!

Social distancing measures

Yoga room spots are clearly marked to ensure maximum space between yoga mats.

Ventilation system

True HEPA 13" air purifiers work in our lobbies. Heated yoga rooms bring constant fresh air from the outside and are equipped with ducted UV-C sanitization systems. Ducted furnaces for hot yoga heat the air to ~150 degrees, an "uncomfortable temperature" for most pathogens.

Thu, Nov 30
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