Cardio Dance at Optimal Sport 1315

This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Optimal Sport 1315 and were last updated on 1/21/21.

Temperature checks

All Staff, Instructors and Trainers have their temperature checked daily when they arrive. Guests who are not members also must have their temperature checked as a covid waiver signed. The covid waiver consists of the facility covid guidelines as well as a no symptoms waiver.

Social distancing measures

All members, staff and instructors must stay 6 feet apart from one another at all times. All in-club classes are spread out throughout the room and class size is max 10ppl.

Ventilation system

Covid killing air filters have been added to the gyms main filtration unit. Vents cleaned regularly as well as bottles of antibacterial spray. Hand sanitization stations all through gym.

Mask-wearing policies

Everyone must wear a mask around the facility and keep distance of 6 ft apart.

Sun, Apr 11
There are no upcoming “Cardio Dance” classes on this day.


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