Barre Sculpt at On Good Ground

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by On Good Ground and were last updated on 11/18/21.

Vaccination policies

All classes will be offered to fully vaccinated individuals only

Mask-wearing policies

Masks can be taken off during class. Masks to be kept on at all other times in the studio

Social distancing measures

Floor markers to ensure mats are a safe distance from one another.

Limited capacity

Limited number of students allowed in class in alignment with the latest restrictions.

Wed, Dec 1
There are no reservations available Today, Dec 1.
Saturday, December 4
60 min

Grace Chew
Sunday, December 5
60 min

Clarissa Ann Lee
Tuesday, December 7
60 min

Winny Yap
Wednesday, December 8
60 min

Melissa Cortez
Saturday, December 11
60 min

Aishah Rustam
Sunday, December 12
60 min

Clarissa Ann Lee
Tuesday, December 14
60 min

Winny Yap

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