Vinyasa (In Studio) at New Love City

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by New Love City and were last updated on 2/23/22.

Vaccination policies

You must be fully vaccinated to practice in studio. You must show proof of vaccination (either your vaccination card, a photo of it or the NY Excelsior Pass). If you are not vaccinated, you can continue to practice with us outdoors in Transmitter Park.

Social distancing measures

Park classes are capped at 15 students, with room for 6 feet between each mat.

Ventilation system

All windows remain open for in-studio classes. There are multiple air filtration systems throughout the studio.

Extra sanitation

In studio, all surfaces are cleaned after each class with disinfectant.

Sun, Dec 4
60 min

Alyssa Magsano
60 min

Edie Shipler
60 min

Jade Leitzel

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