Creative Morning Vinyasa Flow at Llamaste Family Yoga Center

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Llamaste Family Yoga Center and were last updated on 4/24/23.

Mask-wearing policies

We provide PPE for free at the front desk.

Ventilation system

We have air purifiers and other recommended COVID-19 preventative equipment.

Extra sanitation

Our studio, flooring, and lobby area is thoroughly sanitized before and after each class.

Limited capacity

Our class sizes will be limited to 15 students. We recommend that you arrive within 5-10 minutes prior class in order to get signed in and set up. If you know you will be running late, kindly let us know. Late arrivals without prior notification will not be admitted and will not be credited back.

Fri, Jun 2
There are no upcoming “Creative Morning Vinyasa Flow” reservations on this day.

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