Reformer Pilates at Kore Gallery

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Kore Gallery and were last updated on 3/18/22.

Ventilation system

Windows will be open at all times and air will be blowing from fan/air conditioning to renovate the air inside the studio.

Extra sanitation

- Before entering our studio step on the shoe tray on the entrance and wipe on the mat by the front door.- We recommend removing your shoes and placing them on the shoe storage by the front door.

Limited capacity

We will be limiting capacity across to 10 people. We strongly encourage you to book in advance to ensure you are able to attend.

Contactless check-in

Check-in will be made by the instructor in class, it will be contactless

Mon, Dec 5
50 min

Julio Cesar Nadalini
50 min

Julio Cesar Nadalini
50 min

Julio Cesar Nadalini

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