WeBarre Fundamentals at Joyful Steps & Rhythm

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Joyful Steps & Rhythm and were last updated on 9/27/21.

Vaccination policies

Classes are opened to FULLY vaccinated individuals only and MASKS OFF are allowed.We apologise no classes available now for non-vaccinated individuals.Please ensure you met with this REVISED POLICY BEFORE making your reservation online. Verifications will be made on your TRACETOG APP.

Mask-wearing policies

1. Staff members will wear mask at all times.2. Mask wearing guidelines will follow latest 10 August 2021 Covid Advisory safety measures.

Social distancing measures

1. 2m between clients as social distancing during class 2. 1m in queue outside studio whilst waiting for class commencement

Limited capacity

2 pax per group; additional groups will be 2m apart excluding instructor. Max 30 pax based on studio size. This is in line with Government/ Sports Singapore guidelines till more updates are available to safety measures.

Tue, Dec 7
There are no reservations available Today, Dec 7.
Tomorrow, Dec 8
60 min

Fitri Handa Yani
Thursday, December 9
60 min

Sydney Chiang

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