Zumba Fitness at GFX

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by GFX and were last updated on 2/12/23.

Social distancing measures

To ensure your safety we have made a grid to help you maintain a distance of 2 meters in our main studio. Our TRIP studio has 20 bikes placed at a safe distance of 2 meters as well.

Ventilation system

We have an HVAC System and Dyson Air Purifiers installed at our studio.

Extra sanitation

All equipment/studios are sanitized before and after a group class. Further we are following a daily fumigation process at the end of each day. We have put automatic alcohol sanitisers.

Limited capacity

Our maximum class size for our main studio is 20 members and 20 members for THE TRIP studio.A gentle reminder, please cancel your class 12 hours before if you wish not to attend. Due to health and safety reasons, latecomers will not be allowed to enter the class. (10 Mins late)

Thu, Nov 30
45 min

Enzo Maglaque

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