Pads & Bags (Boxing, No Sparring) at Foxgloves Fight Gym Pte Ltd

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Foxgloves Fight Gym Pte Ltd and were last updated on 5/16/23.

Ventilation system

We have 3 fully functioning air-conditioning units for maximum ventilation.

Extra sanitation

All gym equipment (mats, heavy bags, gloves, shin guards, pads and the ring) are wiped down with antiseptic sanitiser

Limited capacity

Class size is capped at 16 people.

Equipment policies

PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN HANDWRAPS AND GLOVES. Handwraps are $20 (handwraps), Rental Gloves are at $5 per pair and Rental Headgear is $5. Please bring your own mouthpiece if you have one.NO SHOES NECESSARYWe have matted floors so you wont need shoes or socks (unless you have boxing shoes).

Wed, Jun 7
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