Barre at FLOW LDN

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by FLOW LDN and were last updated on 2/16/23.

Mask-wearing policies

Our front of house and housekeeping staff will be equipped with appropriate PPE and will be required to wear PPE where social distancing is difficult.

Social distancing measures

We have placed floor markings and signage throughout the studio to help you keep a safe distance in corridors and changing rooms. Please keep an eye out for them and observe social distancing as far as possible.

Ventilation system

We have never recirculated air in our studios – fresh filtered air is pumped into the studio from outside and air is extracted from the studio via a separate system. We will continue to ensure that only fresh air is circulated in the space and fresh air circulation will remain on during all classes.

Extra sanitation

Increased housekeeping staff and time between classes to provide more resources and time to keep spaces clean. Deep cleans of the full premises three times a day. We will be using hospital-grade anti-viral sanitiser. Extra attention will be paid to high-touch surfaces and amenities.

Fri, Jun 9
45 min

45 min


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