T O N E D | Uptown - Inside at Fit Atelier

This class is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Fit Atelier and were last updated on 3/3/21.

Social distancing measures

Currently all classes are being held outside, unless "Inside" is specifically mentioned in the class title. Spaces for class will be socially distanced 7 feet apart (from every spatial angle of your personal space) following CDC recommendations.

Contactless check-in

Check-in is completely contactless.

Limited capacity

Maximum class size will be limited to 12 people outside and 8 people inside.

Limited amenity access

Restrooms are available in Southend; Restrooms are not available in Uptown. We are currently not selling water or providing towels.

Sun, Apr 18
There are no classes Today, Apr 18.
Tomorrow, Apr 19
60 min

Naomi Idol
Thursday, April 22
60 min

Naomi Idol
Monday, April 26
60 min

Naomi Idol
Thursday, April 29
60 min

Naomi Idol


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