Vaccinated High-Intensity Pilates at Fierce45

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Fierce45 and were last updated on 8/19/22.

Extra sanitation

At the end of class you will be walked through a cleaning protocol. Please watch our Cleaning Protocol video prior to coming to class.

Limited capacity

Maximum class size of 10 machines

Contactless check-in

We have enabled geo check-in so you can check yourself in from your phone while in line. The Coach will also have an iPad to check you in. WALK-INS, NEW CLIENTS, AND THOSE ARRIVING LATE WILL NOT BE PERMITTED TO TAKE CLASS. PLEASE ARRIVE 5-10 MINUTES BEFORE YOUR SCHEDULED CLASS TIME.

Equipment policies

In effort to reduce the amount of surfaces in Studio, towels and yoga blocks will not be supplied. All clients are welcome to bring their own.

Sun, Nov 27
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