Hip-Hop Tuesdays at EvolvCycle

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by EvolvCycle and were last updated on 10/30/23.

Ventilation system

We have fans and the AC working to ensure the room stays ventilated. There is also at least 30 minutes between classes to allow the room to air out.

Extra sanitation

All equipment and high touch surfaces are deep cleaned throughout the day. We have limited access to certain amenities in order to reduce high-contact points.

Limited capacity

Classes operating at limited capacity.

Equipment policies

We are still offering complimentary cycling shoe rentals. We are currently NOT offering complimentary towel rentals. You must bring your own towel or purchase a brand new one at the studio.

Wed, Dec 6
There are no upcoming “Hip-Hop Tuesdays” reservations on this day.

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