Classic (45 Mins) at CycleBar

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by CycleBar and were last updated on 6/14/21.

Vaccination policies

Fully vaccinated riders are not required to wear masks.

Social distancing measures

We continue to operate at reduced capacity with AT LEAST 3 FT. BETWEEN EACH BIKE, front to back and side to side. We have also installed a PROTECTIVE SHIELD in front of the instructor bike to deflect airborne particles away from facing riders.

Ventilation system

Our state-of-the-art AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEM is proven effective in eliminating airborne pathogens, including Covid-19 and Human Coronavirus 229E.

Extra sanitation

We have AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BETWEEN EVERY CLASS on our schedule...any less than that does not allow adequate time to clean properly...period. We have also invested in our own ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYER to perform multiple deep cleanings per week of the entire studio.

Mon, Dec 5
There are no upcoming “Classic (45 Mins)” reservations on this day.

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