C8 Kick-Hiit Circuits at Circle8Fitness

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Circle8Fitness and were last updated on 6/17/22.

Mask-wearing policies

Wearing a mask is a personal choice. None of the trainers wear masks.

Social distancing measures

The studio is set out in sectioned areas. You will be required to maintain to train in your area during the class

Extra sanitation

We are constantly monitoring and sanitising the areas that are used on a minute by minute basis in both the PT area and the class area

Limited capacity

Maximum size is currently set to 12 people in the Kick-Hit Circuits. Muay Thai Classes are spread over 2 studios when over 12 people. Max of 18 people per Muay Thai Class.

Sun, Dec 4
60 min

Michael Freedom

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