Yoga - Root at CAMP Tampa

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by CAMP Tampa and were last updated on 12/18/22.

Ventilation system

We have heating, ventilation, air cooling (HVAC) system.

Extra sanitation

We have hired a professional full-time cleaning crew to deep clean all studios, bathrooms, lobbies, and equipment throughout the day. Hand sanitizer and wipes are available in all studios to clean equipment before and after use.

Contactless check-in

Check-ins are held outside for all Stations, Sculpt and Yoga classes. Please arrive early before class, waitlists will be allowed in at the 1 minute mark. No guests will be allowed to take at 5 minutes after class has started.

Equipment policies

Guest are always welcome to bring in own equipment (mats, towels, cycle shoes, etc.). We also have $2 mat, mat towel, and shoe rentals available that are sanitized and or washed after every use.

Sun, Mar 26
60 min


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