BYK60 at BYKlyn

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by BYKlyn and were last updated on 5/23/23.

Ventilation system

We have cross ventilation (open doors on both sides) air purifiers and fans. Classes are 1/2 hour apart to allow meximum air flow and rigorous cleaning.

Extra sanitation

All bikes (all touch points) and equipment are wiped with EPA approved cleaners after every class. Anteceptic wipes are posted throughout the yard for additional cleaning.

Equipment policies

Shoes for rent: $3 for riders. Water for sale

Limited amenity access

We have two bathrooms, each with a private shower. We ask our clients to take a fast shower so others have a chance to shower as well. We also have a beauty lounge equipped with hairdryers, beauty products, and more. That’s where you go after the shower to finish getting ready.

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