Pilates Open at Breeze Yoga

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Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Breeze Yoga and were last updated on 6/20/23.

Ventilation system

Air Handling Units deliver filtered fresh air from outside to the entire premises + studios, with air extraction, NO recirculation of air, on continuously 24/7. Our air engineers are monitoring the system and changing the filters more frequently to ensure that the air quality is as high as possible.

Extra sanitation

Surfaces, studio floors and all touch points are disinfected between classes and throughout the day.

Contactless check-in

Online pre-booking required at least 5 min prior to class start. You will not be allowed in LATE!!! please arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled class start time.

Equipment policies

Mats and props are provided by the studio. If you are attending HOT Classes it is COMPULSORY to bring a large TOWEL or Yoga Grip Towel for hygiene & safety. Mats/blocks/straps/towels and yoga wear are also available to purchase at Breeze.

Mon, Sep 25
60 min

Josie Afridi

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