JOY of Vinyasa at Breathe Together

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by Breathe Together and were last updated on 10/3/22.

Ventilation system

We perform regular maintenance checks on our ventilation system.

Extra sanitation

We deep clean in between classes and disinfect high touch areas.

Contactless check-in

Students will check-in verbally with our front desk staff.

Equipment policies

We recommend students use their own mat. You can rent a mat for $5. We do have props (blocks, bolsters, straps and blankets) for use during practice, but if you prefer using your own props, you can bring them in. We also carry mats, blocks, straps, and towels in our retail area.

Fri, Jun 2
There are no upcoming “JOY of Vinyasa” reservations on this day.

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