Vinyasa Flow to Hip Hop music at BeHot Yoga Toronto

This business is in a different timezone.

Safety & cleanliness

Safety guidelines are provided by BeHot Yoga Toronto and were last updated on 3/3/23.

Ventilation system

Masks are not required and we do not have a vaccination policy. The wearing of masks is supported if you wish to do so. Hepa filters, upgraded ventilation, air exchange recovery system.

Extra sanitation

Yoga rooms and studio are cleaned regularly.

Limited capacity

We are operating at 80% capacity. Our large yoga room which can usually accommodate 55 people, will now be limited to 42 to provide a comfortable experience. Our smaller yoga room which usually holds 18 is now down to 14..

Contactless check-in

Use your key tag or if you don't have one, just check in verbally with the front desk.

Fri, Sep 22
There are no upcoming “Vinyasa Flow to Hip Hop music” reservations on this day.

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